Establishment of B.C.A. & B.B.A.Course
as a part of
V.S.Patel College

In year 2000 Mr. D. B. Bhavsar sir was the principle of the V.S. Patel college of Arts & Science Bilimora. Due to some academic reason he visited “M.S. University, Baroda” where he got Information for such computer Course run by “M.S. University”.

At that time Central Government as well as Gujarat Government was in the Process of Making Higher Education self-financed and due to this reason, South Gujarat University Surat approved affiliation for various self-financed Courses.

In year 2000 there were 75 colleges affiliated with South Gujarat University Surat which where either Grant in aid or Government Institutes. Three colleges have applied to South Gujarat University Surat for starting BCA. One of them was V.S. Patel College of Arts & Science Bilimora

University approved affiliation of V.S. Patel College of Arts & Science Bilimora for B.C.A. Management was of the view that, Information Technology revolution taking place through out India and perhaps there was not a single field without Computer Operation, this Course had a Good Prospects and there weren’t any problem for getting students. Students admitted received good faculties and good environment for such a Course.

Thanks to the boom in IT Markets, which was hitting Indian Middle Class moved, for IT jobs & B.C.A. was the ideal media.

In 2008, B.C.A. got its separate building, thanks to the efforts made by B.C.A. management, staff and students and thanks to the honorable donor family of Nirmalaben Vitthalbhai Patel, who have collected donations for the building.

In Academic Year 2009 B.V.K. mandal had pursued affiliation for B.B.A. Course. Then Secretary Mr. Mukesh Mehta had taken tremendous interest for starting B.B.A. in the same building. And In the academic year 2009-10 First batch of B.B.A. was admitted.