Morarji Desai Marg, Antalia, Bilimora
Mon-Sat 10:00 to 17:30


In year 2000 Mr. D. B. Bhavsar sir was the principle of the V.S. Patel college of Arts & Science Bilimora. Due to some academic reason he visited “M.S. University, Baroda” where he got Information for such computer Course run by “M.S. University”.

At that time Central Government as well as Gujarat Government was in the Process.......

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The trustees and members of BVKM were inspired by the Chinese saying, ‘Youth will reshape the world’ and decided to contribute to the development of better future of INDIA by starting this trust. And this contribution can be best achieved through EDUCATION, as EDUCATION can help achieve many things like • Cultivating LAWFUL citizens of tomorrow. • Nurture politeness and behaving in disciplined manner. • Moral values and Ethics can be imparted.

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Whenever we start for some work no matter whether it is big or small. It always has a mission. The mission of our Institution is to fulfill all the objectives of our management and to provide the best Information Technology & management education to students. Not only impart knowledge to students but also help the students to develop power of taking decisions independently, discrimination between good and bad, right and wrong, necessary and unnecessary.

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Success is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration